Art chose me!  Thus, I choose art to enrich the lives of others.

I empower people by helping them to feel better about themselves and teaching them how to stay at the top of their game. 

My elected mediums are: Hair color and cut, makeup, skincare, temporary body art and photography.

From a holistic approach I consult on health, exercise and nutrition.

I love sharing my knowledge of art, technology, and shameless self-promotion.

About Linda Mariano

My career as hair stylist and hair colorist began in 1977 in New York. Since then, I have been dedicated to excellence in my craft. I am constantly learning, always strive to improve and remain on the forefront of current styles and trends.

First and foremost I am an Artist. I began painting and drawing as a child and was able to comprehend the laws of color at a very young age. And at the age of sixteen I choose to direct my creative drive towards hair.

Over the years, I have pursued many art forms, such as painting, photography, including hand painted black and white, permanent and temporary murals and Mehndi and Temporary Body Art.

What does this have to do with hair?

All of my artistic experience has contributed to developing a well trained eye for the underlying principles of composition. Using design elements such as shape, contrast, balance, graduation, depth and focal point I create the most flattering and functional look for my grateful clients. And, I combine this with a kind and caring awareness for their needs. 

How often should I cut my hair?

Normally, hair grows approximately a ½ inch a month. For most, hair cut maintenance is best between four and six weeks, though some prefer three weeks and others can go as long as eight weeks. And as a general rule, going longer than eight weeks will usually result in more hair breakage and split ends with ordinary wear and tear.

How often will I need hair color?

As for hair color, the re growth of the root area generally requires a retouch every four to six weeks. Highlight maintenance varies, but generally, every other retouch may require from a mini to a partial weave depending on your personal preference. Some choose a burst of a highlight every retouch. A combination of the correct base color and strategically placed, multi toned highlights will allow for the best hair color longevity. And of course, individually, it will depend on the percentage of grey. With proper hair color techniques your hair will not only be vibrant but healthy and strong. Yes, Color can make your hair better!

Do you use henna for hair color? 

There are far more contemporary, science based, gentle hair color products on the market now. Twenty first century products yield far better results than henna as hair color. I suggest using Redken Shades EQ, a non ammonia, acid balanced, conditioning hair color gloss. This versatile tool can glaze, refresh or tone highlights. The shine and condition are unsurpassed and it strengthens hair too. So,no. I do not use henna for hair color, only for body art.

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What color products do I use?  

With over 40 years in the industry I have used many of the major hair color lines. I choose to work with Clairol Professional and Redken Shades EQ and Redken Shades Demi Creme.  My X-factor is transluecent Sparkle!  I have added some Beth Minardi Signature Demi. 

As a mix master and an artist, liquid color is better for adding a drop of this and a drizzle of that to create and control tone and undertone. It is vital to understand that product is secondary to technique. Any product will yield great results if used properly. As a master colorist, I often use more than one product line to achieve a desired result.  

There is so much innovation in Hair Color Technology.  It is challenging not to have hair color ADD.  I try many of  the new free-hand painting lighteners. They all have unique characteristics.  And, then there is OLAPLEX!
What about hair color for men? 

There are many options for men. Men’s hair color can be tricky. If the hair is very white, I generally don’t recommend total grey coverage. In about two weeks those white side burns show and start to look like Grandpa Munster! I have a signature technique that can add a youthful look to men’s graying and white hair. It warms up the blue tones that exist in gray hair, and lends a look of blonde. This is really low maintenance, too. I have many techniques for grey reduction that can grow out gracefully, depending upon the existing tone.

I have some great Gray blending skills fand products or both men and women.
What is different about your hair coloring technique? 

For optimal results, the base hair color should be pre-colored for richness of tone, then multi-toned highlights are added, which sometimes may just be a burst at the top or three-quarters of the head. Hair that has been previously colored requires different formulas applied on roots than on ends. An oxidative hair color is used to cover gray roots, and low or no peroxide refresher is used to sparkle and strengthen the previously chemically treated hair. Usually the mid-strand and ends just need to be refreshed with a gloss. Gray coverage can be achieved with a non-oxidative color. These techniques will ensure that your hair will sparkle with the translucent tones of nature, and as an added bonus, be in better condition than prior to professional hair color treatment. 

And, Yes! I am Long Hair Friendly!

I understand the needs and respect the requests of clients with Long Hair. For many of my long hair clients, I will approach the cut differently. 
Sometimes the best way to do a “health trim” is to cut the hair dry. I shampoo, blow dry and flat-iron the hair before cutting. This technique allows both of us to see exactly what needs trimming. I will always work with what the client is comfortable with. I have great product recommendations to preserve the integrity of longer hair. 

My detanger, VITA PLEX is life changing for al clients, especially those with long hair!


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