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Leave in Conditioning Spray,for all hair types.  

Yes, it can be habit Forming.  Once you use this phenomenal conditioner you will not be able to live without it ever again!  The vitamin rich formula enhances the pliability, luster and texture of the hair surface for optimal styling effect. NEW paraben free formula

Even Fine hair will have added bounce and static control.  Great for kids tangles too.

Directions for use: Gently towel dry hair, lightly mist and work thoroughly into hair.  Proceed to style without rinsing.  For added volume and control use MELLO GELLO, TAKE HOLD or AERO-TEC, or HAIR PRO TO GO.
NURTURE  Shampoo
COLOR SAFE! Sulfate Free Shampoo Sodium Chloride Free 

Protect Your Investment Cleanse, nourish and protect your hair without affecting color or other processes.  Non-processed hair benefits from gentle NURTURE too.  

This Shampoo leaves hair feeling soft, shiny, bouncy and manageable. UV absorbers provide added color protection. Sodium chloride free

Directions for use: Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse.  Repeat if necessary.  For better results, use NURTURE conditioner and follow with Vita Plexx leave-in conditioning spray.

NURTURE Conditioner Color Sealing Sulfate Free

Condition, nourish and protect your hair and preserve color or other processes.  Non-processed hair benefits from NURTURE too.  This conditioner leaves hair feeling soft, shiny, bouncy and manageable. UV absorbers provide added color protection. Sodium chloride free

Directions for use:  After cleansing with NURTURE shampoo, apply and leave on hair for one to two minutes.   Repeat if necessary.  For better results, follow with Vital Complex leave-in conditioning spray.

A Flexible Styling Gel   Softly Sculpts & Controls Hair  Adds Volume
  Great as a root lifter! Won't weight hair down.   

This product lives up to its name. It is a flexible sculpting and conditioning gel ideal for creating soft, touchable and voluminous hair. Get long lasting styles with a light no product feel.

Directions for use: Open tube and smell! Hmm! Mello Gello may be used on wet or dry hair. For optimal results, start with Saving Grace Vita Plexx leave in conditioning spray. Apply a dime size amount of Mello Gello to hair with attention to the roots for volume. Blow dry and style. Add another dime size amount to dry for added control and soft separation.  Guys, use on wet hair and allow to dry natural or blow dry. If more fullness is desired dry hair first and then apply. 

Signature Hair Care
 TAKE HOLD A Unique Design Gel
Create/Control Volume  Scrunch Curl Grease less  Weightless 
Maximizes Creativity in Achieving The Hair Style you Desire!

Directions for use: For Unyielding Control, apply small amount to palm and use fingertips to work product through desired styling area. May be used wet or dry. Damp fingertips can reactivate product.  

Linda, my cosmetologist/beauty-product guru, introduced me to Vita Plex and it saved my hair's life. I was experiencing bad hair loss but after applying Vita Plex less hair came out when I brushed after shampooing and conditioning. Vita Plexx is also a leave in product that helped to strengthen my hair between shampoos. If I get my hair wet in the shower it still is virtually tangle-free to brush even when wet. Vita Plexx is a wonderful hair product that I just won't do without.

"As a former hair model, my hair has been dyed, bleached, over processed and generally abused. Vita Plexx helped restore its shine, vitality and allows me to wet comb it tangle free. Best of all, it got rid of the frizz. And I LOVE the way it smells.

 I love this product! I use it every day. My hair is silky, shiny, and smells great. Thanks for this lovely product.  I'll love the new packaging also :)

Hi Linda,
My name is Carrie and Laurie is a co-worker of mine who introduced me to the leave-in conditioner spray.  I want to leave a testimonial on your page so I guess I have to email it and you post it.  Please see below:
I have very curly/frizzy hair and didn't know how to manage it or style it that well.  Once I used the Saving Grace Leave-in Condition spray my curls were defined and no more frizz.  Thanks Laurie for giving me the best hair product I know. Carrie, Los Angeles, CA
Never stop selling this- Heidi M.    

Your detangler is my FAV! Jaime A.

Thanks To Sarah Shaw for her write up in her business blog

As funny as this may sound, it struck me today as I was drying my hair that we are our OWN best advocate.  I know this deep down inside but I often forget, or just don’t think about it. Note to self: Think about this every day all the time! We know our products best and should be talking about them, working them into conversations and GETTING them into the hands of potential users as often as possible. OK back to my hair – I have curly hair but really prefer straight (the grass is always greener right?) and drag out that blow dryer and products galore to get it that way.
So last weekend I held a seminar about the 10 simple steps to starting a product line and I was given a leave-in conditioner sample to try out by a woman there.  I have to say – I was immediately suspicious when she said, “This is the best  detangler, static controller, frizz stopper you will ever try and on top of that, it has all kinds of vitamins and stuff to make your hair shiny.”  “Yeah right” I thought!  Anyhow, a week later when I realized I forgot to try it – I tried it today…… I am amazed! IT WORKED! IT WAS A MIRACLE!
She was 100% correct.  I am hooked.  I wrote her the gushiest note ever and she now has a client forever!  She took the time to hand me a sample, follow up with an email and see where it got her?
Talking about your product (or idea if at that stage) will only help spread the word and attract new buyers.  You have the passion and commitment to make this happen more than anyone; more than your sales reps, more than your stores, more then your BFF, your significant other, and more than your mom.   If you want your hair to look as great as mine did (does?) then click here to buy her Vita Plexx.  This is a total shameless plug and she has no idea I am doing this!

8 0z. 19.00
8 0z. 19.00

4 0z. 19.00
2 0z. 10.00
10 0z. Can  25.00
In the salon and at home, my signature hair care is used to get professional styling results.   
Cleanse, condition, style with ease.  And,  PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!                                                                              READ WHAT MY CLIENTS ARE SAYING
   Studio City, CA                                                                                                                                      818 421-6897   EMAIL   
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 Volume Body Texture Bounce Control Dimension Perfection  Semi- Matte Non-Greasy Water-Soluble 

To optimize your personal style: Rub a small amount of paste on fingertips and run through damp or dry hair. Repeat SMALL amounts as needed. Your style will have all day resilience. Paraben Free.

It’s like having my hands in your hair everyday!


A New Generation in Hairspray! AERO-TEC Hairspray is a fast drying, flexible finishing spray with exceptional hold. Humidity resistant and easy to brush through leaving no sticky residue or build up even after re-spraying. Great for long hair that needs hold yet free movement. Paraben free.

Directions: Finishing: Hold 8 to 12 inches from hair. Create Volume: Spray in quick bursts while blow-drying. Or, allow drying between shaping bursts.

2 oz. Jar 24.00
8 0z. Spray  19.00