First of all, Linda should be the patron saint of hair. As far as I'm concerned, she already is!  She is a special, brilliant, compassionate, humorous, client-centered, talented soul, renaissance woman extraordinaire, gifted master of hair--Linda's the one to contact first with any hair emergency--multi-dimensional artist and photographer, and writer, among other talents, and an exceedingly helpful, prolific resource agent. I can't thank you enough, Linda--see you soon!

Thanks Linda! Not only are you a great colorist, but a great photographer! With my busy schedule it's not easy cutting time out of my day to do a photography session. You are very efficient and easy to work fuss no mess and in the comfort of my own surroundings. Cody (dog) liked his shots too. Can't wait to have another session and see all of your fabulous new work! Ana V.

I was at my neighborhood Gelsons yesterday after seeing you and this woman comes up to me while I was perusing the rib eye steaks and she comments on how beautiful my hair looks. She said it looks so soft and shiny and she loved the cut. She told me she's had some nightmarish experiences with hair salons. Her hair type is similar to mine (course and wavy) although she's a red-head. 15 minutes later I'm giving her your name and number so if a woman named Debbie calls you for a consult saying she met one of your clients in the market, you'll know who that is. Just thought you should know. xo - Rizelle M.

My natural color is dark brunette and while I always loved highlights in others I never thought I would ever look good with them. Then I met Linda! When she was doing my base color she quickly wove in a few highlights to show me how a cognac color could work well. Wow was I surprised. I could not return fast enough and have my who crown highlighted -- and I just love it. Love it!! I have never received so many compliments on my hair and I feel so much more attractive with them. I truly think Linda is a color genius and a great stylist. Plus she is a great communicator, and has a wonderful private and peaceful space where you can really relax and enjoy the time. I can't say enough on her behalf -- she is so talented and so lovely!  Merry A.  

I was trying to find a new hair colorist. I had it with too many salons that turned my hair into what looked like a Halloween color. One day at work I jumped on the internet and Googled color specialists - Linda's name popped up. I clicked on it, got her website and called for an appointment. The rest is a success story. Linda knew exactly what to do to get rid of that Halloween look and turn my hair color into one that's perfect for me. I'm an actress and have gotten more parts since Linda did her magic on me. The hair color is Perfect, the hair care products are perfect, and Linda is perfect and a hair care magician. I'll never let anyone else touch my hair. Liz T.

In a word:  WOW!

Every time Linda touches my hair it looks better.  

I moved to LA after a lifetime in New York, and I had to find new services for everything.  

I searched and searched for someone with experience, but a modern eye.  I also wanted to find someone who "gets" brunettes...  every salon seems to brag about their blonding but not brunettes....   finally, I discovered Saving Grace Salon and Linda.

Linda not only covered my greys... but was able to rebalance my color and make my hair look overall shinier and healthier.    Then I brought in a picture of my hair color from youth (we all darken up as we get older) and unbelievably, Linda has been able to make my hair look like that again.  Seriously.  Not that "oh isn't that a nice color job and highlights" look... but as if I have the hair color, tone, multidimensionality and shine that I did when I was 20.  

OK, so that's my brunette story.   But there's more.  Both my husband and best friend are natural blonds.  Same story - over the years the color base has gotten darker and there are a few greys poking around.   Linda has done both of their color the best I have ever seen it.

Aside from the color, Linda does amazing cuts.  She is very open with her suggestions and insights but incredibly attentive about what you want.   It should be that way always, but alas, not every hair stylist is talented and versatile enough to actually deliver on everything.  Linda has it all.

As if that wasn't enough, Linda is a photographer and henna artist.   I needed a professional headshot for a conservative corporate environment and I just couldn't stand the idea of having one of those stiff, posed photos you see on executive bios.   Linda did my hair and makeup and then a photo shoot - from which I literally had dozens of choices for excellent photos... different moods, but all professional, all attractive, but warm and compelling instead of stiff and corporate.   Everyone I work with wanted to know how I got such great photos.

My aforementioned blond friend has just reentered the dating scene and needed headshots both for dating websites and for her professional needs  (College professor and scholar).... needless to say, her photos are amazing too... just a bit more playful as appropriate for academics and dating (vs a conservative corp) but still so professional and appealing.

Linda is generous beyond belief with her knowledge and aside from her doing my hair I have also learned how to better do my own hair as she patiently answers my questions about her techniques.  

Having gone to high-end salons in NY my entire life I am so happy to have found Saving Grace.  Better service, better results and I am not paying for Madison Avenue (or Beverly Hills) ridiculous rent.

Convenient location... zip right there from anywhere in the san gabriel or san fernando valley - right off the 101.

Give Linda a call.  Your hair-life will change forever. 
posted on Yelp by Linda S.

Linda is fantastic. I'm hooked for life. 10+ years ago, my hair color was destroyed at one of this city's expensive hair salons. A friend turned me on to Linda and I haven't been elsewhere since she rescued my hair. She gives a great cut and creates beautiful color that compliments my skin tone. Her hair studio is welcoming and there's no hairdresser attitude. She'll even offer you a cup of tea while playing some great music. I've received numerous compliments on my hair and I am always happy to send business Linda's way. Elisa W.S.

Linda is not just a stylist, but an artist. Her experience as a visual artist and photographer manifest themselves in the work she does with hair. She exhibits a talent with light, depth, color, and shape that I have yet to see duplicated by another stylist. (And I do occasionally try another stylist...I just keep coming back to Linda.) She is, without a doubt, the best. And I have rather selfish reservations about admitting that she could charge a lot more for the results she produces. The products Linda uses are exceptional, as well. As a product-whore, I keep trying other things, and again, always end up back at Saving Grace. I can't recommend her highly enough!  mixergirl

Great hair, easy to get an appointment, Linda makes it all happen. 
Posted by mville on Citisearch

Wow is I happy! I have always been afraid to try too many different things and colors with my hair. I have always gone for the natural healthy sun-n-surf kind of look. Unfortunately age has not wanted me to keep that look, but Linda Maeiano  at Saving Grace in  Salon Republic has made it possible. I have never been able to trust anyone with my color and trims as much as Linda. Today while Linda was photographing my hair for her website (I am very flattered) a lady walked by and said "beautiful, is it real"? That was a great compliment to both Linda (her color) and me (my long hair); it doesn't get much better then that. You can get an appointment within a few days or book weeks in advance. She is always punctual, and I have never had to wait, (hate waiting), her salon is clean, comfortable, and homey. Thumbs Up, parking is easy, clean and comfortable. What a great hair color and cut. Linda at Saving Grace Salon is a fabulous artist/hair stylist. Her highlighting and color expertise always results in numerous compliments, as well as her clean, sharp, well defined cuts. Linda's goal is not only to create a beautiful and fashionable hair style, but to make sure her clients are totally happy when they walk out of her salon. Lynn N.

Linda rescued me from perpetually bad hair days after I relocated from the East Coast and had a few awful cuts and bad color jobs. Linda is an exceptionally talented hair stylist and colorist with great recommendations for hair and skincare products that really do what they promise. Theresa L.

I reacquainted with Linda after I decided to cut (no pun intended) the "every-six-week", $350 hair tab out of my life for good. This is a stylist who can do it all! With all the new grey that keeps popping up on my head Linda's got great coloring skills to work with it in such a natural and flattering way. My friend told me that she's never seen my hair look so good! (FYI, Linda, I've referred her to you). Linda's also a wealth of information regarding skin care and cosmetics too. Don't forget to have Linda set you up with an awesome anti-aging skin care line by Arbonne International. She'll also show you how to buy this product line at a substantial discount!  Debbie W

Linda has been my hairdresser for about ten years. I have followed her to several different salons and now to Chess and Burman in Studio City. I live in Phoenix Arizona now but fly back to Los Angeles once a month just to have Linda do my color and cuts. She is a very accomplished colorist and always makes my hair look natural. I have dark roots and lots of gray but Linda makes me into a natural blonde! She is very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and I always enjoy her company. She is a very positive person and a really loves what she does and it shows. I highly recommend her. Shelley J.

This salon is set up different in that each operator has a private room, so you get a lot of individual attention. The salon is very clean and Linda takes her clients on time. Linda did an analysis on my problem hair, recommended some supplemental products and told me the best place to purchase them. Linda does her own shampooing, color, and cuts and styling and does a wonderful job on each of those. I changed my hair color when I began going to her and have received many complements on the new color. Toni H.

Linda is a great hair colorist and stylist. I get so many compliments on my hair wherever I go. In addition, she has a great line of hair care and styling products that are natural and gentle to use. I highly recommend her and her products! Michelle M

Thank You Notes:

Dear Linda, Been getting rave reviews on the haircut and it has certainly given me a much younger attitude. Lori. 

Well, I've been loving my cut and color. I've never received so many compliments on my hair and how it suits me. Elisa

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Perfect Haircut 

I will drive the distance for certain things in life…sale on cashmere anything, the perfect hamburger and a really good haircut.  Luckily for me, my longtime hairdresser, Linda Werstiuk, is conveniently located in Studio City, California, a short 15-minute drive from my house.  

Not all of her clients are that lucky.  One client, who recently moved to San Francisco, is so committed to having Linda tend to her tresses that she flies Linda up on a regular basis.  And what about those Westside fashionistas who schlep into the valley for their regular cut and color?  While I’m neither a Westsider nor a fashionista (although some of my best friends are), I can honestly say, Linda makes it worth their while.  

What’s a little traffic when you can get color put in that makes you believe you really are a natural blonde?  Or a haircut that, once styled, allows you to walk out of the salon head held high?  We all know that feeling of leaving a salon only to rush to our car to “fix” the horrendous styling so we can once again show our faces in public.  I typically leave Linda’s salon having no plans, but quickly realize I need to make some.  This haircut needs to be shown off!      

Sure Linda can give a good haircut and do some nice color, but what’s her X-factor?  What is it that keeps her clients coming back year after year and not migrating to salons closer to home?

It’s probably a combination of two things.  First off, her haircuts tend to grow out with incredible ease.  I’m currently growing out my hair and I’m happy to report that I haven’t hit that awkward phase where friends say, “So, growing your hair out, huh?”  And because it grows out so well, I don’t have to get my haircut as often which is great for me but probably not as great for Linda’s business.   

Secondly, Linda’s honest.  There was a whole period in the late 90’s when I kept bringing in pictures of Meg Ryan and pleading with Linda to give me that infamous cut.   Linda took one look at my under-processed black hair and told me it wasn’t going to happen unless I wanted to bleach my hair until it had the texture of hay only to spend hours each day with styling products and bobby pins to get the perfect “I just rolled out of bed” look.  I said no on both accounts.  Linda was, however, able to take the picture, use it for a bit of inspiration and give me a haircut that I loved and was so easy to maintain that I didn’t have to see her for another ten weeks.  

It wasn’t until I met Linda that I understood the difference in hair texture, cuts and styles.  Now I do.  Thus, I rarely, if ever, bring in a picture of a blonde and say “This! This!”  But what else would I expect from someone who has been in the hair game for over twenty-five years.  Through her years of experience she has been able to expertly and with ease adjust to the constant trends and styles of the time.  One day, just for kicks, I would like to ask Linda for the “Farrah” just to see what she would do.  Knowing Linda, she would remind me I’m not a blonde and would give me something fabulous anyway.. Shannon Goss        

Sometimes my clients desire a profound and dramatic change; other times something subtle. My goal is to listen, and then determine what it will take to achieve those results. Pigeonholing is why people move on to other stylists.  

It is noteworthy that I have clients not only for decades, but into their next generations. 

Whether it is your time for classic, edgy, or maybe a fusion of both… I can help you! 


Your comments are always appreciated! Send me an email or share your thoughts on Yelp, Linkedin or Facebook.

I sparkle and bounce. Love the haircolor and cut. Perfecto.  Elisa WS 
Fyi  I am pretty much giving you free reign tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! I am NEVER excited to get my hair done and I'm stoked right now! Katherine J.
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a special and unique woman you are. You are ALWAYS passing on your knowledge, being supportive and inspiring others.  
That is so cool, Linda!  Tanya B.

The Saving Grace Salon certainly lives up to its name... The owner,Linda Mariano, literally saved my hair... She's a true artist!!! Love the color and the cut. Nora S.
Wish we could clone Linda at least five times.  There are never enough hours in the day or years in a lifetime for an artist as talented as Linda to share the full range of her gifts—photography that is a meditation for the eye and soul, conversation that lifts the spirits, and of course, hair color and styling that has kept me returning for Linda’s artist’s eye for over 20 years.. Linda H.  
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I needed a professional headshot for a conservative corporate environment and I just couldn't stand the idea of having one of those stiff, posed photos you see on executive bios.   Linda did my hair and makeup and then a photo shoot - from which I literally had dozens of choices for excellent photos... different moods, but all professional, all attractive, but warm and compelling instead of stiff and corporate.   Everyone I work with wanted to know how I got such great photos.

A friend has just reentered the dating scene and needed headshots both for dating websites and for her professional needs  (College professor and scholar).... needless to say, her photos are amazing too... just a bit more playful as appropriate for academics and dating (vs a conservative corp) but still so professional and appealing.  Linda  S.

As an Image Consultant    
as posted on Linkedin

It's too bad you can only choose three attributes in the recommendations. Some people are gifted in several, if not many, disciplines. Linda Mariano is one of those renaissance people. Linda has what an artist might call a "good eye." I have to be around many high profile people, so looking as good as I can is part of my job. Linda has been an invaluable asset in that regard. But she's not only the best stylist I've ever had, her "good eye" is something she uses in professional photography. Her pics of me have been used in my national publicity and to promote an upcoming appearance. In a very real way. Jeff Davis, Jeff Davis Productions

Linda, thank you for teaching me that it is ok to promote myself, my cause and my community. You have been a good friend and inspiration. I admire your courage and strength and support."  Dr. Fayr BarkleyI

I've always had an on again off relationship with my hair. In my teens it was the curling iron or those hard core curlers that gave me lovely nightmares. My color was out of the box and I'm sure I was secretly nicknamed "rainbow girl". Those with curly air always envied my totally straight hair and I just sighed and thought UGH, another day! As I got older, short hair became my framework, but I still hadn't found a complimentary design with this thin, straight hair. ENTER LINDA & SAVING GRACE SALON. I may come in wanting  a modification and not know how to express myself.........Linda looks, observes, .................and the process begins.  As knowledge is power, Linda is and has been  my saving grace........... J.M

First and foremost let me say that Linda is truly an artist at what she does. She never ceases to amaze me when I go for either a hair cut or highlights. Years ago I had a bad experience with highlights to the point that I gave up on having my hair colored.  I let my hair grow back out to its natural color. This took some time and patience. However, after years of having my hair just one shade I decided I wanted something different.

I began my search for someone that was good with color, someone who would give me some great highlights with out the streak effect. I wanted my hair to have dimension, shape and to look overall healthy. I began my search on-line and found Linda's website, intrigued by what I read I gave her a call. This was about 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier that I found her. She has been adding highlights through out the top portion of my hair which are not overwhelming at all, they are subtle yet noticeable, my hair is healthy, it's shiny and the contrast she has created along with the fabulous hair cut gives my hair that dimension I have always looked for. I always get compliments on my hair. Aside from her great skills she also has a great personality; she makes me feel like her friend, she is not pretentious like other stylists. Thank you Linda

Linda Mariano; owner and operator of Saving Grace Salon has been doing my hair for years; she is amazing! No one comes close to her for being right on with hair color; she can fix anything that any other hairdresser has messed up. She knows how to bring life back into lifeless hair or anything else that is ailing you; she can highlight, down light, warm up, cool down and just  do whatever it takes to bring out your features, your skin tone, your very best! She seems to be up on the very latest of everything; the conversation is always informative and stimulating! She should have her own talk show; but oh then she might be too busy to do my hair, so nix the talk show idea. Linda is a gem hiding in Studio City!!!“

Linda is a miracle worker with hair, hair color and is a true professional. Her attention to detail, great personality and the speed in which she works is amazing. Also, she is a terrific photographer and knows the art of henna. I would not hesitate to recommend Linda to anyone who is looking for an expert in color and hair styling. Lynne Weiss

“Linda took my over processed hair from drab and frizzy to sparkling and fabulous! Her expertise in cut, color, style are unparalleled in the Los Angeles area. My hair needed 911 care and Linda did a fantastic job! I highly recommend her!” Fayr Barkley

I will only go to Linda for my highlights! You know how after a few years of highlights your "honey blonde" is now an over-processed mess, and you have to get "low lights" and start from scratch? Not with Linda. Somehow my hair isn't damaged, and it has maintained that hard-to-keep honey blonde shade....and she's been doing it for about 10 years now.

I should also point out that she gives great haircuts. She really looks at your hair and asks a lot of questions before she suggests a cut that works on you. She also takes into consideration your lifestyle - I hate blowdrying my hair, so she gives me a cut that can dry naturally.

On top of all that, her prices are extremely reasonable. And her salon is nice, quiet and private. Heidi M.

“Linda Mariano is more than a hair stylist and colorist, she is a true artist. It's no surprise to learn that she is multi-talented - she is also a make-up artist and photographer - because her creativity shines through in everything she does. And she's a great cutter.
Author Sue Russell

“Linda is multi-talented.. and easy to work with. She is a tremendous resource for all things hair... plus a wonderful photographer and henna artist. She does all styles of hair and photography from formal to edgy and everything in-between.

Linda is very open with her suggestions and insights but incredibly attentive to understanding your preferences. Linda S

I continue to be impressed with her quality and expert knowledge. I highly recommend Linda's services as she has always proven to deliver amazing results. Kristen P.

“I found Linda's salon easily on the internet, and came to her for help with a home hair color kit gone bad. Not only did she change the shade to an amazing color, she helped me find the right cut which transformed me. Take that with expert advice and an introduction to high quality products and I have never turned back!!!” Tanya B.
I am a 20-year client of Linda Mariano's - now that should speak for itself as the highest recommendation of her services!  A big plus is Linda's knowledge in many areas of health, beauty, image and internet promotion.  Every salon visit leaves me armed with new solutions to combat my ever-continuing aging challenges.  Linda has recommended some valuable cutting-edge health procedures/products that have contributed to improving my quality of life.  And that makes me very happy! :) Thanks for being on top of things, Linda!   Karen Childs, Owner BAM transcription

I continually get compliments on my short razored bob and hair color.  Linda has been my stylist for many years for good reason. Smart, honest and hard working; you can't go wrong.  Her prices are very reasonable for a top notch LA hair stylist. Lynda G.
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